Austria's Beautiful History of Art and Culture

Austria was made famous in the Sound of Music.  Imagine walking over the border of Austria over the beautiful landscape to the sound of music.

The Music Scene

Austria's music scene is based on the youth of the country and their newly discovered talent. The music that the younger generation is creating is a new, unique sound that has provided them with the opportunity of international fame.

The Wide Variety of Festivals

Austria is well-known for their festival scenes as this country holds over 200 ever single year, never skipping a beat. The festivals are based on cultural experiences and gives visitors the chance to experience the food and beverages of Austria, unique music, and art from a variety of experienced artists from all over the country.

The Traditions of Austria

Out of all the countries throughout the world, Austria remains in the top 10 countries that holds the highest amount of passion for the traditions of their native land. The residents not only prepare old fashioned meals and listen to the famous Franz Lizst, but they also are know to still use the hand and head techniques as well as many other traditional techniques passed down from older generations.

Art of Austria

Austria has a large variety of art museums for residents and visitors to view some of the country's oldest paintings and drawings, as well as uniquely created sculptures from the past. The main theme in these museums range from contemporary art to Old Master's, making it the perfect hot spot for aspiring artists as well as students studying Austria's history of art and culture scene.