Touring Atlanta’s Art District

There are major cities with their own art district, and Atlanta has found itself to be a part of this group. Formerly known as a warehouse district, the Castleberry Hill area of the city has now been taken over by local artists who are happy to have visitors see their work. Most of them specialize in contemporary art, but there are a few who have branched out into other areas and venues.

Unlike a traditional museum setting, there are many different places to see on a free walking tour through the neighborhood. Studios and galleries are open to the public, and the neighborhood itself is part of the National Historic Register. It is an area still going through transition, but the artists themselves have made it a home for those who create and appreciate works of art. The tours, called art strolls, are available on a regular basis.

Few people are interested in seeing the same art over and over again, and there are many special events held in this dedicated neighborhood. Their biggest annual event features street artists in many different disciplines, and it includes both static art displays as well as the performing arts. There are artists who dance, play music, theater performers and even projection artists. The cast of performers and artists changes yearly, so it is an event that will amaze and excite art lovers every year.

Many historic districts have few attractions that are not connected with their importance of the past, but this neighborhood has come to represent the future. Cutting edge artists are often in residence, and movie makers have found it an excellent setting for filming. No matter what time of year a visit is scheduled, there will be art of many different types in progress. It is worth the trip to see and experience this artistic walking tour in its historic setting.