Ireland - Music, Theater and Performing Arts

The people and culture of Ireland are famous for their hospitality and sense of fun and friendship.


In the blood of Ireland's residents, there is nothing to be found but dancing, Irish music and a deep passion for storytelling. The music genres mainly found in the country of Ireland are blue grass, jazz and rock, basically all combined in one. Two of the most famous artists from Ireland that are well-known around the world are U2, Enya, Sinaed O' Connor, Thin Lizzy, Danille O' Donnell and the brillian Van Morrison.


Famous actors born and raised in the country of Ireland are Pierce Brosnan, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson and Brendan Gleeson. For the famous ladies of Ireland there is Brenda Flicker, Dearblha Walsh and Joan Bergin; all of which are Oscar and Emmy winners. Although these famous actors and actresses reside in the United States for their acting careers, their heart and soul still remains in Ireland, as well as their most die hard fans.

Visual and Performing Arts

Riverdance is Ireland's oldest dance and has gained popularity around the world. Alongside of Irelands performing arts is the famous visual arts genious, Francis Bacon who is the creator of the famous movie 'The Scream'. Francis's studio has also been preserved and remains in the center of Dublin's High Lane Gallery.